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Conflict Resolution and Social Skills. Click to read!

So many children have Ipads or Ipods these days. We are plugged into technology from birth it seems. I am not discouraging the use of these things; many apps are wonderful at fostering the development of young minds. However, the successful child needs social interaction in order to learn conflict resolution, problem solving and powers of persuasion, as well as the ability to share. At PALS, we teach your child the skill sets of success and so much more. Come take a tour today!

Raising a Successful Child

Our Story

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Hi, my name is . My parents were, and are, amazing. They instilled in each of their children confidence, a work ethic, determination, abilities to accomplish our dreams and so much more. When I was in high school, I sat next to children my own age who already had children and had a full on plan to collect welfare for the rest of their lives. Peoria has one of the highest unwed birthrates in the nation. I would ask these kids what they wanted to be when they grew up and they told me they would collect welfare. Their mom’s mom did it, their mom did it, and that’s what they were going to do too. It was like a family business.

We each had to have a topic at the family dinner table every night and this became mine. My parents also recognized this need and decided to start a nonprofit childcare center dedicated to setting the standard for education. Why childcare? It seems it would certainly be easier to teach an adult. With children we have to be creative and make it fun, which offers additional benefits. However, my father likes to say, “If you want to bend a tree you bend it when it is young.” As a child grows he becomes more independent more opinionated and formed about his view of the world. As parents and educators we have the duty to help forge these thoughts and opinions early so that each child fulfills their fullest potential on this planet, leaving it a better place than they found it and creating an excellent life for themselves in the process.

I was passionate about PALS, and knew I wanted to work here to help mold PALS into the standard for excellence in education. I want you to do what is right for your child. The first years are the most formative if you have the ability and desire to stay home with your child, do! You will never get these years back! But when your child is ready for socialization, or if you don’t have the luxury and need to work, I hope you find everything in PALS that we are working so hard to create. I hope your child chooses to come back to visit or to volunteer because he/she loved it so much as so many of our children do. I hope they are just as happy as the many PALS parents today who went to PALS!


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