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So many children have Ipads or Ipods these days. We are plugged into technology from birth it seems. I am not discouraging the use of these things; many apps are wonderful at fostering the development of young minds. However, the successful child needs social interaction in order to learn conflict resolution, problem solving and powers of persuasion, as well as the ability to share. At PALS, we teach your child the skill sets of success and so much more. Come take a tour today!

Daycare Safety

Student Safety

  • peoria conesThe front door is always locked and each person entering the building must have clearance to be there.
  • Once you enroll your child, you will be given a code that allows you to check your child in/out and opens the front door with a fingerprint.
  • You are also asked to fill out a list of people who have permission to pick your child up.
  • We have high fences that surround our outdoor playground, keeping children securely in and other people out.
  • Each classroom is equipped with a camera and telephone.
  • We also have strict Visitor's Policies that you should ask about when enrolling your child. Further details of this policy are explained in the Parent Handbook.

Video Testimonial

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Social Media

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