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Conflict Resolution and Social Skills. Click to read!

So many children have Ipads or Ipods these days. We are plugged into technology from birth it seems. I am not discouraging the use of these things; many apps are wonderful at fostering the development of young minds. However, the successful child needs social interaction in order to learn conflict resolution, problem solving and powers of persuasion, as well as the ability to share. At PALS, we teach your child the skill sets of success and so much more. Come take a tour today!

Setting the Stage for Confidence & Creativity

PALS is more than a childcare or daycare center. It's an experience that engages your child in creative play and learning – all with the goal of helping him or her develop into a happy, successful adult. Everything we do at PALS is designed to instill confidence and let children discover and expand on their own individual talents. From the way we uniquely greet each child in the morning to the carefully selected program content and curriculum, PALS maps out a system that encourages your child's maximum development. Plus, our staff is hand-picked and trained in early childhood education – focusing on cultivating strong values, building self-esteem and encouraging individuality – to prepare children for the more structured learning environments of preschool, kindergarten and beyond. We know that everything great must start small, so enroll today and give your child an extraordinary beginning... or request a tour of our safe environment, where creativity and fun run wild.


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