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Conflict Resolution and Social Skills. Click to read!

So many children have Ipads or Ipods these days. We are plugged into technology from birth it seems. I am not discouraging the use of these things; many apps are wonderful at fostering the development of young minds. However, the successful child needs social interaction in order to learn conflict resolution, problem solving and powers of persuasion, as well as the ability to share. At PALS, we teach your child the skill sets of success and so much more. Come take a tour today!

Safe and Nurturing Child Care in Peoria, IL

PALS Praise & Leadership Schools is more than a daycare or child care center. It’s an experience that engages your child in creative play and learning, all with the goal of helping him or her develop into a happy, successful adult. Everything we do at PALS is designed to instill confidence and let children discover and expand their individual talents. We also help develop the social-emotional aspect of each child through the use of conscious discipline. 

Our early childhood education experts have a passion for helping your child succeed by fostering the development of valuable cognitive, social, and functional skills. Through the use of positive reinforcement, practiced social interactions, and encouragement, children learn to take an active part in the world around them. We’ve developed a curriculum that’s engaging, fun, and educational. Contact us today at one of our Peoria, IL, locations to learn more about how we nurture growing minds.

Developmental child care for infants to pre-K

Our program is designed to benefit children from infancy to their formative pre-K years. We’ve created a safe, secure, and stimulating environment that supports children’s needs while fostering their creativity, social skills, and cognitive development.

Our age-appropriate programs include:

  • Infants: For infant-aged children, we’ve created a nurturing program that helps your little one develop gross motor skills, understand basic cause and effect, and build arm and leg muscles.
  • Toddlers: Our toddler program develops basic social skills and helps your children bond with others. We then progress your child’s understanding of shapes, colors, words, basic math concepts, and weather through stories, songs, and other activities.Our main focus is to help children develop language and communication skills. 
  • Two/threes: Our program for two-year-old and three-year-old children further develops communication, problem-solving, and self-improvement skills with art activities, designated play times, and group activities.
  • Pre-K: As we continue to further develop all the above; our pre-K program helps your child master basic responsibilities as well as social skills in a classroom setting.

At PALS, we strive to see your children grow and thrive. Contact us now for more information.

Nurturing your children’s creativity

PALS Praise & Leadership Schools approaches teaching from a developmental perspective. From the way we uniquely greet each child in the morning to the carefully selected program content and curriculum, PALS maps out a system that encourages your child’s maximum development. Plus, our staff is handpicked and trained in early childhood education, focusing on cultivating strong values, building self-esteem, and encouraging individuality. We’re dedicated to preparing children for the more structured learning environments of preschool, kindergarten, and beyond.

We know that everything great must start small, so enroll today and give your child an extraordinary beginning or request a tour of our safe environment, where creativity and fun run wild.

The PALS program difference

While daycare will only see to your child’s basic needs, PALS offers so much more. Our educators will help your child develop their cognitive, motor, and social skills while providing fun and engaging group activities, delicious and healthy meals, safe and secure play areas, and preplanned rest and activity times that align with your home schedule. If you’re looking to help your child get ahead while feeling fully nurtured, inspired, and supported, we encourage you to schedule a tour today!

Supportive and compassionate staff

The handpicked staff members at PALS Praise & Leadership Schools are fully certified in early childhood education and have a passion for providing quality care and learning activities for your little ones. As the leading developmental child care service in Peoria, IL, we’re proud to offer two schools to meet your needs. Both our Northside Peoria school and our Downtown Peoria–Greenleaf location utilize the latest developmental curriculum. We’re happy to schedule you a tour. Fill out our form online or contact us today if you have any questions.

Contact us to learn more.


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