Student Safety

Student Safety

At PAL’s our main focus is on keeping your children in a safe and loving environment. Below are some key points about the steps we take to ensure each and every student is safe.

  • The front door is always locked and each person entering the building must have clearance to be there.
  • Once you enroll your child, you will be given a code that allows you to check your child in/out and opens the front door with a fingerprint.
  • You are also asked to fill out a list of people who have permission to pick your child up.
  • We have high fences that surround our outdoor playground, keeping children securely in and other people out.
  • Each classroom is equipped with a camera and telephone.
  • We also have strict Visitor’s Policies that you should ask about when enrolling your child. Further details of this policy are explained in the Parent Handbook.
Student Safety
Student Safety

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