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Conflict Resolution and Social Skills. Click to read!

So many children have Ipads or Ipods these days. We are plugged into technology from birth it seems. I am not discouraging the use of these things; many apps are wonderful at fostering the development of young minds. However, the successful child needs social interaction in order to learn conflict resolution, problem solving and powers of persuasion, as well as the ability to share. At PALS, we teach your child the skill sets of success and so much more. Come take a tour today!


Social & Emotional Learning

Testimonials about PALS Praise & Leadership Schools

  • Love the summer program and activities! I really appreciate all the different forms of communication (i.e., individual daily notes, class notes, monthly newsletters, etc.). This makes the parents really feel connected to what their child has been or will be doing daily throughout the day, week, or month. (Kempf Family)
  • We were very impressed with the staff and very sad to leave. (The Chovanec Family)
  • I like the creativity of the staff and the variety of learning activities. (The Doering Family)
  • He loved his friend and teachers. He especially loved the playground and field trips! (Katie Anderson)
  • The teachers aren't afraid to love the kids, actually, that's my favorite thing. (The King Family)
  • The long term teachers are the glue that holds your program together. (Laura Sollenberger)
  • I really feel that the staff loves their jobs! The entire team is outstanding. My daughter learned much more than I ever thought possible. She is much more advanced in kindergarten than some of her other classmates that did not attend PALS. (The Walker Family)
  • My favorite things about PALS are the excellent, diverse program and the skilled, loving teachers. (Lisa Mullins)
  • My favorite things about PALS are the daily feedback about my son's day, pictures of him participating, peace of mind regarding his safety, and how the teachers are invested in each child's development. (Jennifer Jackson)
  • My child was at PALS for five years and I wouldn't have it any other way! (Anonymous)
  • My favorite thing about PALS was the fact that I knew each and every day that I was leaving my child in a loving, caring and nurturing environment from the program structure and learning environment to the continuous communication between the parents, teachers, and staff. (Kempf Family)
  • I am so grateful for PALS and the teachers! It is very difficult to leave your kids and go to work but PALS makes this so much easier. (Angie DeLost)
  • I appreciated the great teaching staff and high level of security. (Kristal Shelvin)
  • I love how the teachers greet the children and truly make them feel welcomed. I love the effort the teachers make to each of our children feel comfortable. (The Kristin Family)
  • The teachers are sincerely caring, nurturing, and gentle. My daughter grew leaps and bounds socially and academically. (Amanda Burton)
  • PALS has a very warm environment upon entering the facility. I enjoyed the layout as well as the creativity inside the classrooms. (Roshima Shelton)
  • My experience with PALS has been tremendous on all levels. I recommend the school to anyone with young children! (Marti Williams)
  • I wouldn't change a thing. The staff always made me feel like an individual who mattered, rather than "another parent." My daughter loved everything there and I did as well. We were sad to leave...but kindergarten can't wait either." (The Walker Family)
  • We loved everything about PALS; the way the teachers genuinely cared for our daughter and were happy to see her every day. We always felt safe and secure with her there and never worried about her while she was there because we knew she was in great hands! (Sarah Muir)
  • I used to be a PALS kid. Since then, I had a good impression and enrolled my son at your Downtown location. I have been very pleased with our experience there, so much so that I won't take him anywhere else. I feel that we have a relationship with PALS, not a child care agreement. (Katie Anderson)
  • PALS has a great curriculum! (Jamie Brownfield)
  • I would highly recommend PALS to anyone I know! (Tracy Talkad)
  • We absolutely loved our time at PALS! You have a top rate facility—teachers and staff! I will continue to refer friends to PALS without reservation! (Eileen Bauer)
  • I always felt that my children were in a safe environment. (Jennifer Miller)
  • The teachers and staff are amongst the best people ever. They totally are trustworthy, loving, exceptional people. (Tammi Robison)
  • I could see the results of lessons carried into other activities. (Amanda Christianson)
  • Thank you for raising my child like one of your own. (Heidi Howe)
  • PALS teachers really take the time to speak with us and I really felt like they were our partners in caring for our kids. (Emily Rhoades)
  • Thanks for giving my kids a great head start! (Tonya Schnelle)
  • Months after PALS, Connor is still talking about the things he did at PALS. (Heather Armistead)
  • I have been extremely happy and proud to be a PALS parent over the past eight years. (Kelly Anderson)
  • It was a sacrifice to send our children to PALS but it was worth every cent. (Jenny Lawless)
  • I was very nervous about daycare and PALS was the best decision I could have made! (Amelia Monroe)
  • Everyone tried so hard to do whatever was needed. No one ever said—"we can't do that." (Margaret Withrow)
  • We can't thank you enough for the excellent, loving care you've shown to Lilly and for the peace of mind you gave us. Knowing she was in such great hands with people who genuinely cared for her happiness and well being. We recommend PALS to everyone! You have an excellent program accented with top-notch teachers. We wish we could pack you all up and bring you with us to Minnesota! (Sarah Muir)


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